Sunday, October 4, 2009

Easy Ways to Get Exercise at Westfield

For many of us, getting exercise and staying fit is high on our priority list at college. And, now it can be easier than ever. Living on a college campus, there is usually always an opportunity to exercise. Teen's Health recommends the easiest way to stay fit at college includes: working out at the gym with a friend, jog on nearby trails and roads, organize pick up games, attend campus workout classes, take a hike, or play intramural sports. For more information, visit:

More specifically related to Westfield State, I have compiled a list of easy things students can do to get a little more exercise in their day:
- Take a Yoga Class in Davis Hall
- Walk the stairs instead of taking the elevator to get to 4th Floor Wilson
- Shoot hoops at the Woodward Center or in Parenzo Gym between classes
- Instead of taking the bus to 333, leave 15 minutes early and walk
- Run or play ultimate frisbee at Stanley Park
- Go ice skating at Ameila Park (near Big Y and the Post Office in Westfield)
- Go with friends to a "Butts n Gutts" class in the Ely Gym
- Join the dance, wrestling, equestrian, or any other club teams WSC offers
- Map a run around Western Ave using
- Play in a Movement Science organized tournament (ie - Hoops for Heart 3v3 Basketball or Dodgeball Fundraiser Tournament)
- Make an intramural team with friends that live on your floor
Visit the WSC intramural site for more details:

*What do you do for exercise during the school year?*


  1. I really like this blog Alyssa! You wrote down a lot more than I thought there was at WSC. During the volleyball season I always feel too tired to do anything but focus on my practices and games. But I still end up doing some sort of intramural on Sundays or something. It is too much fun to pass up. As long as you stay organized, time management shouldn't be a problem since intramural games are never too long. I have taken fitness classes in Ely when I am out of season and they are awesome. They give you that extra motivation that you might not have on your own when working out. I am definitely going to use these pointers for when I am out of season...especially ice skating and dodgeball!

  2. I definately agree with you about the variety of ways to exercise at WSC. I actually work and play in intramurals and there are all kinds of sports people can attend in to get some sort of exercise. I know what you mean by walking the steps at Wilson hall instead of taking the elevator. I take the elevator every now and then, however I actually saw someone the other day take the elevator to the second floor.

  3. Your blog was really interesting Alyssa! As a commuter, I never really realized how many opportunities there are at WSC to stay active. Last semester I ran a lot around campus, but I never thought of mapping it out. Recently I checked out and found it really helpful to know the actual distances. I also want to go ice skating in the winter!