Monday, October 26, 2009

Being Safe on Campus during Halloween

Halloween in college has turned into a week long celebration. It is filled with mischievous fun, missed morning classes, and scandalous costumes that you wouldn't normally wear to a family party. Although this sounds like fun and games to the typical college student, it is also important to remember that many sexual assaults occur on campus at this time of year. It makes sense that with everyone dressed up costume, nobody knows your real identity--making it easy to get away with a crime. Students need to protect themselves and use common sense this Halloween season to prevent themselves from emotional and physical harm. For a good, personal account regarding Halloween and assault, read this:

Seventeen magazine reccomends the following tips on having a safe, yet fun Halloween:
1. Always watch your drink at a party
2. Make sure your costume is functional
3. Be extra careful on the road
4. If a friend is driving, make sure they are sober and alert
5. If you go trick-or-treating, be smart
6. If your hosting a party, be careful with decorations
7. Have a cell phone handy
Tips taken directly from:


  1. I really like this subject that you brought up, because everything you said pretty much makes sense and this week is definately a college favorite pretty much everywhere. Everyone wearing costumes does make it hard to tell people a part and all seven of the tips are very helpful as well

  2. I totally agree with this, Halloween gets way out of hand. I love Halloween and I always have. When I was little it was October 31st, and your right, now its a whole week. Some costumes I see our definitely pretty disgusting. I'll remember to stay safe this weekend, thanks Allysa!

  3. It's true that it now turns into a whole week long celebration. I just got a call from someone at work 2 days ago asking if we were having a costume party that night and it was Tuesday. Safety is definitely an issue and Springfield College actually goes into lock down on Halloween night to protect the students from the gang initiations that take place yearly on Halloween.

  4. Definitely true. I work for UMass Police and Halloween is a total nightmare. People walk around with real and fake weapons, and they wear masks that hide their faces even though they're not supposed to do either of those things. Every year there are also a number of sexual assaults, and in rare occasions, a rape. Luckily, this past year, we didn't have any. Sadly a lot of these could be prevented if only students would go easy on the booze.

  5. Yeah the whole thing about Halloween has really been taken out of context. I have seen some of the outfits girls wear and year after year it just gets more ridiculous. People dress as all sorts of things so it may be hard for people to tell whose who and this can lead to many circumstances like this for the opportune time to do a terrible act like sexual assault or rape. The holiday should not be an excuse for people to party all week long a day or two would be enough like the weekend, but as for the costumes they could definitely be toned down.

  6. Did you know that some stores put a limit on the number of cartons of eggs you can purchase on Halloween? I don't know how long this practice has been around, but I think it is probably a good idea. Obviously some guy who comes in and buys 9 18-pack cartons of eggs on Halloween night isn't going to bake that many Halloween cookies.