Sunday, October 18, 2009

Should Physical Education Classes be Required in College?

A fairly recent controversial topic in the college curriculum world is whether or not physical education classes should be required for college students. It would count as graduation credit and be required of all students, regardless of their major, similar to the english or social understandings categories in the common core. College has proven to be the transition period of many student's lives where they become sedentary, mainly because so many students go from playing sports in high school to not playing in college. Physical activity is sometimes forgotten because of all the other new changes happening at this time.

By requiring PE and Health classes in college, students lock in time in their day to exercise and they get credit by doing so. When researching this issue, many colleges require their students to take a general fitness class which includes walking, yoga, or weight training. Other schools require them to get CPR/First Aid certification to graduate. Bryn Mawr, a college in Pennsylvania, actually requires their students to pass a swim proficiency exam in order to graduate.

Here at Westfield State, although it is not required, the following one credit, 8 week long elective classes are offered: step aerobics, golf, strength and conditioning, and relaxation techniques. The downside to this is that only 20 students can sign up for it, making it nearly impossible unless you are a senior.

To see an example of Bryn Mawr's College PE program, visit:

*What would you think if WSC required physical education classes to the common core?*


  1. I absolutely think that physical education classes should be required at college. I used to be extremely physically active in high school with sports and my PE class but since coming to college I have nearly stopped all physical activity. In a world that is quickly becoming obese and having numerous health issues, physical education should not be something that is overlooked.

  2. of course i am a bit bias on this topic but oh yea, P.E shoul definatly be required in college. Now is the best time to mold people into the healthy machines that we want them to be. so bring on the P.E, you know we love it.